Nine years after negotiations, NAMA engineers reject new CoS for members

Nine years after negotiations began with the management of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) and the eventual approval by the National Salaries, Income, and Wages Commission (NSIWC), the National Association of Air Traffic Engineers (NAAE) has rejected the new Condition -f Service (CoS) for its members.

Speaking through its executives in Lagos, NAAE said that the released CoS for the engineers was doctored and different from the one negotiated with the management of NAMA.

Doctored CoS

Engr. Selzing Miri, the President, of NAAE, decried that negotiation had been ongoing with the management of NAMA and NSIWC in the last nine years and expressed disappointment with the eventual release.

Miri feared that the “doctored” document may lead to unrest in the agency and appealed to the management of NAMA and NSIWC to amend the document to reflect the agreement.

For instance, he alleged that the document as released, excluded the review of professional allowance as negotiated and agreed with the NAMA management.

Frustrating the workers

He described this as a deliberate attempt to frustrate workers and cause industrial unrest in the system.

  • He said: “The exclusion of the reviewed professional allowances as negotiated and approved by NAMA management in the released CoS is not only unjust but viewed as a deliberate attempt to frustrate the commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and productivity of our members who tirelessly contribute to ensuring safe and efficient air traffic operations.
  • “We firmly believe that the omission of these allowances fails to acknowledge the immense contributions, responsibility, expertise, and risks associated with our profession.”

The association noted that the salaries and wages commission expunged a vital part of the document and released something different from what was negotiated with NAMA and did not reflect the agreement signed by unions and NAMA management sent to it.

  • “It is disheartening to note that after over nine years of waiting, dialogues and negotiation between NAMA management with the unions that birth the submitted documents, the NSIWC has persistently strife to dampen the moral of our members and create an unhealthy working relationship within the agency.”

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