Olivier Giroud Makes Serie A Team of Week As A Goalkeeper

AC Milan’s versatile striker, Olivier Giroud, has secured a well-deserved spot in the Serie A Team of the Week for his extraordinary performance in an unexpected role during the match against Genoa on Saturday.

Giroud, the French forward, became the focal point of discussion following his remarkable display on matchday 8 at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris.

Initially substituted in as an outfield player for Alessandro Florenzi during the second half, Giroud’s destiny took an unexpected turn. In the dying moments of the game, AC Milan’s goalkeeper, Mike Maiganan, received a red card, leaving the team in need of a goalkeeper since all substitutions had been exhausted.

Without hesitation, Olivier Giroud stepped up to assume the role of a goalkeeper. His impressive skills and quick thinking resulted in a crucial save that preserved Milan’s 1-0 lead, ultimately securing a memorable victory for the 2022 champions.

In recognition of his remarkable efforts, Giroud has rightfully earned a place in the Serie A Team of the Week, albeit as an outfield player turned emergency goalkeeper. This extraordinary feat underscores Giroud’s versatility and his invaluable contribution to AC Milan’s success in the Serie A.

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