“Smoking of shisha can cause breast cancer”- Aproko doctor claims

Dr. Aproko, a well-known social media figure, has issued significant breast cancer health cautions to his female fans.

One of his most famous warnings is on the potential health risks of shisha, particularly among young females.

Dr. Aproko has stressed that, contrary to popular belief, shisha can have major health implications.

Shisha use may cause cell distortions in the body, raising the chance of cancer-causing mutations.

This is especially important in Nigeria, where breast cancer is a prominent cause of death among adolescents and young people.

Dr. Aproko strongly recommends patients to avoid shisha in order to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

Even flavored varieties, such as pineapple or moimoi, can be deceptive in terms of their safety.

According to Dr. Aproko, these flavors frequently contain chemicals that are harmful to the body.

In addition to his shisha cautions, Dr. Aproko has provided helpful health advice in other areas.

He has argued that walking is an efficient and natural way to lose weight. His advise is to walk instead of taking buses or cars for transportation, because regular and long walks can help people lose weight.

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