“Why I dropped out of school”- Oxlade reveals

Nigerian Singer, Ikuforiji Olaitan, popularly known as Oxlade, disclosed he left school in his final year because of cult members who were persuading him to join them

He stated that when he left school, they went after his friends and left them brutally wounded

The singer revealed this information in a podcast exchange with Tea with Tay.

He claimed that he was consistently reading his books and studying his Bible up until he was forced to stop attending school due to cult members.

“During my university days, I was always in the church reading Bible and books. Then I dropped out in my final year. I’ve never said this before. I dropped out when some boys were trying to make me join gang” he said

Oxlade asserted that the cultists made a concerted effort to get him to join them.

The cult members had gone seeking for him in his hostel not long after his grandma had pleaded with him to come home, he said, and God had intervened just in time for him.

When they couldn’t find him, they pounced on his buddies and seriously hurt them.

“One day, my grandma called me asking where I was. I said I was on campus and she said I should start coming to our family home in Ibadan. I went to Ibadan. That day, those boys almost killed my roommates.

“That’s why I appreciate my grandma’s importance in my life. Forget all these things say we dey whyne, God dey, truly, there’s God. And I’m saying this with my full chest, God has saved me countless times. That’s why I could come back twice as tall, just as Burna Boy called it” he added.

He remarked that his grandmother’s intuition was correct; he didn’t know how, but she just knew something was wrong.

“I don’t know how my grandma knew, she just told me to come to Ibadan, that I shouldn’t go and pack anything from the hostel, so I was there for a week. So the next few days my roommates said that they came to beat the shit out of them because of me,” he said.

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