Young Nigerians, Turn Your Ideas Into Capital -By Kamal Alkasim

In these tough economic times in Nigeria, young people, your ideas are more valuable than you think. They can be your ticket to success if you present them well. You can start small or go big, online or offline. Don’t start a business without knowing the ropes. Here’s some straightforward advice: Begin a small business, regardless of your education. Education helps but doesn’t limit you.

If you want to make it, learn from the experts in your field. Avoid diving into something you don’t understand. Ignorance won’t get you far. Remember, it’s better to be a job creator than a job seeker.

Procrastination is your enemy. Act on your ideas quickly. As Pastor Reno Omokri wisely said, “Your mind is your supercomputer.” Believe in the power of positive thinking, as noted by Islamic Scholar Malam Ibrahim Khalil: “A rich person grows through investments, and a poor person through positive thoughts.”

Don’t believe opportunities are scarce. Every day is a chance to work on your ideas, wisely and diligently. Even the smallest idea can lead to something great. Small steps pave the way for big achievements.

Always remember that your ideas hold immense potential. The choice is yours: build on them or let them go to waste. Your future is in your hands. May God bless the brilliant young minds of Nigeria as they turn their ideas into reality!

Kamal Alkasim is concerned citizen that writes from Kano.

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