Eden Life launches an eCommerce platform to become profitable in a year

  • At the African Startup Fest on November 11, 2023, a Nigerian home concierge startup, Eden Life, announced the rebranding and launch of Eden marketplace, an eCommerce platform.
  • The Eden marketplace”s offerings will include new categories like groceries, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and beauty. This is in addition to its existing offerings: laundry, cleaning, and its recently launched on-demand food delivery service, Homemade. 
  • This move puts the company in direct competition with Jumia and Konga.

This news comes after the company disclosed in October 2023 that it would expand its offerings in the coming months. 

Eden marketplace aims to close the gap between buyers and sellers by providing an inclusive online marketplace that addresses common issues such as subpar goods and services, delivery delays, and prompt and efficient vendor payments. 

One of these issues, subpar services, prompted one of the founders — Nadayar Enegesi — to launch Eden Life in Nigeria with other ex-Andela employees, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Silm Momoh, in 2019.

In April 2022, the company announced its expansion to Kenya. It also acquired Lynk, a technology company that connects unemployed Kenyans to job opportunities in the East African country.

According to Enegesi, it expanded into Kenya because they thought it would help validate their idea in that market. Interestingly, he said they have successfully done so. 

Although he would not provide specifics, he said that since moving to Kenya, its Kenyan division has expanded more quickly than its Lagos division and credited this to not having to construct new buildings.

Besides, he added that Eden Life could become profitable within 12 months. 

What’s more, “Our rebrand signifies our evolution and dedication to 10xing the quality of your life, while Eden marketplace takes that commitment to the next level, allowing other dedicated vendors to leverage on the infrastructure we’ve built over the years, allowing our customers to flourish – conveniently get more done.’’

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