Finland to increase work-based migration to 30,000 per year

Finland aims to increase work-based migration to 30,000 individuals annually, as the country has been actively encouraging international workers to address the growing labour crisis through its initiatives.

Some of the initiatives include the ‘Work in Finland’ and ‘Talent Boost’ programs and it has also positioned itself as a hub of opportunities for researchers, and innovators.

Laura Lindeman, Senior Director and Head of Work in Finland at Business Finland highlighted the initiatives that facilitate the influx of skilled and tech-savvy professionals on a global scale.

She underscored Finland’s commitment to global connectivity, recognizing international talents as valuable contributors to building connections with the rest of the world by attracting a diverse workforce, and promoting internationalization, innovation, and company growth.

What they said

  • “Finland wants to attract talent and generate growth, internationalization, and well-being in collaboration with a diverse, international workforce,” Lindeman said.
  • “The Finnish society is aging; therefore, the country needs more young people to join the labor market”, Glenn Gassen, Director of Immigration Affairs, Helsinki.

Talent needed in Finland

According to the Finnish government, the country is proactively backing startups, providing stability, transparency, and resources. The thriving startup ecosystem is further bolstered by numerous accelerators, incubators, venture capital funds, and initiatives like the Finnish Startup Permit and funding opportunities.

NewsTimes learns that to address labor shortages in the startup ecosystem, Finland is specifically targeting talent in sectors such as ICT, digitalization, cleantech, and the social and health sectors, given the challenges posed by an aging population.

Talent boost program

The ‘Work in Finland’ initiative, a key component of the ‘Talent Boost’ program, functions as a central platform ( This platform provides comprehensive information on job searches, living conditions, and various aspects of relocating to Finland.

Lindeman underscored the portal’s role in supporting employers engaged in international recruitment, offering guidance, coaching, financing, and mentoring.

Finland positions itself for international talent

Finns recognize the necessity of international workers for business success and growth. While maintaining a strict immigration policy, the Finnish government acknowledges the importance of labor-based migration and ensures equal work rights for foreign workers. Overall, Finland is embracing global talents as a catalyst for its development and prosperity.

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