How I made N50k from my first show after fourth day in Lagos – Shallipopi spills

Shallipopi, an up-and-coming singer, opens out on his first ever gig while struggling to find housing after moving to Lagos.

The music sensation discussed his experiences in the music industry with the Zero Conditions podcast.

Shallipopi claimed that most people he relied on in Lagos turned him down, shedding light on the struggles he experienced and the achievements he achieved in the early phases of his career.

Shallipopi received a 50,000 Naira payment for his debut show performance in Port Harcourt, an amount he welcomed with enthusiasm because it represented the beginning of his live musical engagements.

He also mentioned that the organisers covered his travel fees, indicating a humble yet pivotal start in the world of music.

Despite the little pay, Shallipopi showed happiness and appreciation, demonstrating his dedication to music beyond monetary reasons.

“When I got to Lagos, I was looking for who to stay with; I wasn’t lost but couldn’t find anyone. Eventually, I found somebody and told them I would only stay for four days; I dey try corner them. After four days, I got a show in Port Harcourt for N50K. I never meet any distribution company, I was doing everything with my phone,” he said in part.

Watch the video below …

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