‘May it neva be well wit u, I Gave U N5m, Lodge You and Ur Wife at Transcorp” Charles Okocha lays heavy curses on Portable

Charles Okocha, a veteran Nollywood actor and content creator, recently made headlines after a video of notorious Streetpop musician Portable calling him out went viral. Portable accused Charles Okocha of reaping him in the video.

He mentioned that despite Charles making a lot of money from the agreement, he never was compensated for a task he did for the content producer.

However, the renowned actor has spoken out to refute the charges. Portable asked Charles to be his friend, according to Charles.

He further disclosed how he invited Portable to Abuja and paid for his stay at the Transcorp Hilton.

Charles further revealed that he compensated Zazu with five million naira for accepting his offer.

At some point in the viral video released by Charles Okocha, he got agitated, slamming Portable as an ungrateful person. Okocha threatened Portable, noting that he would get boys to help him beat up the music star.

Here are some of the allegations that trailed Charles Okocha’s video:

@pauloo2104: “Wahala wahala wahala .”

@realprincessadaeze: “I support Charles on this.. he can never do wrong in my eyes.”

@djmekzy: “Fear Igbo men who speak yoruba, infact RUN O.”

@promzychukwu: “Which one is he looks like a native doctor again.”

@obaksolo: “Who go open Dictionary for Portable like this.”

@nenejones_esq: “Okay, I remember the last video you shot with him where you said he’s your kid bro and he replied “kid bro no go chop?” His wife was filming too and didn’t look too happy. Resolve whatever the issue is and stay away from him. To big for this typa shiit!”

@silvaboymusic: “Na only Jesus portable never get issue with.”

@alhaji_onyinye_etie: “How zazu go use understand all this America English now?”

@jaytee_yna: “Portable will need a dictionary to comprehend this Meanwhile, stray bullet just hit young duu.”

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