“Nigeria would be better is what I grew up hearing and now I’m in my fifties” -Ayo Makun laments

Ayo Makun, a Nigerian comedian, actor, and producer best known by his stage name AY, has criticised the situation of the country.

In a message on his Instagram page, AY stated that he grew up hearing that Nigeria would improve, but that the country is deteriorating as he approaches his fifties and nothing is improving.

He wondered what kind of Groundhog Day existence we had in our country, noting how the more things appear to change, the more they remain the same.

AY went on to ask how many people have incomes that cover their basic requirements.

“Nigeria go better us what one grew up hearing. I’m still hearing it in my fifties. What kind of Groundhog Day existence do we live in in this country though? The more things seem to change, they remain the same.

How many of us do have wages more than sufficient enough to cover the bare cost of living in Nigeria?”.

Taking to his comment section, many concurred with them as they joined him to bemoan the country’s predicament.

One Divah Unusual wrote, “E no easy..things getting worse, remember when my mum goes to cold room every Sunday to buy 1 carton of fish for family use, in fact then I will be complaining of washing them. Now we don’t even cool with fish except we’re cooking soup

One DJ Dougzee wrote, “Everyone is scared of revolution. Freedom is not free. If you all not ready for revolution. I think it’s time to stop complaining

One Realtor Chinwe wrote, “Things getting worse every day, nothing is changing but once you have a job that gives you money to pay your bills and take care of your family, give thanks to God Almighty

One Caramel wrote, “Cost of living is really biting hard so hard out here!! It is well

One Yusuf Adetunji Shakirat wrote, “It would have been okay if it remained the same but, it is getting worse. How on earth will a drug shot from 8k to 24k? How do one explain that? All sectors are down, no hope from anywhere soon

One Cypril Maduka wrote, “It’s quite unfortunate and people are acting as if nothing is happening. Nigeria is a very lawless place, and it runs our image out there

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