Nigerian Army Captain Allegedly Commits Suicide In Akwa Ibom

Alphonsus Alexander Kalthy Bazza, a Nigerian Army Captain, is said to have killed himself in Uyo, the state capital of Akwa Ibom State.

A deceased person’s relative claims that on Saturday night, Captain Bazza’s lifeless body was discovered hanging from a tree in a thicket.

His death was characterized by the family source who talked to SaharaReporters as “mysterious and suspicious.”

The source stated that since he didn’t leave a suicide note for his wife, older sister, or any other family member, the reason of death was unknown.

The source said, “How can a Captain in the army hang himself with a mosquito net that he used to sleep? He didn’t have any reason to kill himself. Did he kill somebody? No! So why would he just kill himself? He lost his tent mate under mysterious circumstances when he was in Yobe.

“He got married in 2017 and he has only one child – a boy.”

He said that the Nigerian Army headquarters said an investigation to determine the cause of death had begun.

The family source further stated, “We lost this young man (my brother-in-law), Captain Alphonsus Alexander Kalthy Bazza, last night. He committed suicide in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

“But the army headquarters is investigating the real cause of his death. They claimed his body was found hanging in the bush. No note was given to either his wife or any member of his family; the family is not aware that he left any note behind.”

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