Vendorcredit sets aside 2 billion naira to help vendors and merchants mitigate current inflation and foreign exchange challenges

Vendorcredit, a leading financial solutions provider, has announced the provision of over 2 billion Naira for businesses in search of working capital.

Vendor credit is well known for its quick turnaround time and uncollateralized lending solutions.

The firm while announcing its upcoming webinar scheduled for the 16th of November, titled Currency Volatility & Inflation; Shielding Your Business from Financial Impact said, it has set aside this 2 billion to help businesses mitigate the impact of inflation and currency devaluation.

The event is scheduled to bring key business stakeholders together, which is an integral part of Vendorcredit’s approach and commitment to fostering economic stability and ensuring the continued success of businesses in the region.

The webinar is set up to feature expert speakers who will share valuable insights and practical strategies for businesses to combat inflationary challenges. Featuring Oluseye Seton, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Vendor Credit, and Kayode Sowade, a Supply Chain Consultant and Operations Manager, with over 16 years of experience across FMCG and FMCH Global Multinationals in West Africa.

Holistically, Vendorcredit extends a warm invitation to vendors, merchants, business proprietors, and anyone interested in enhancing their understanding of economic stability and accessing financial support.

This informative webinar is open to all, and registration can be easily completed through this link

VendorCredit is a leading financial solutions provider dedicated to supporting supply chain players in managing their finances, reducing risks, and achieving sustainable growth.

With a strong commitment to economic stability, Vendorcredit offers a range of financial products and services designed to empower businesses in this challenging economy.

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