WIMBIZ 2023 speakers share insights on women thriving in business 

The Executive Director, of Women in Business and Management (WIMBIZ), Hansatu Adegbite, has said that despite the current prevailing challenges faced by women in career or business, they possess untapped potential for greatness and have more to offer.

Hansatu disclosed this during the 22nd annual Women in Management, Business, and Public Service (WIMBIZ) two-day conference in Lagos, themed: ‘Mission I’m Possible: Thrive!’ and was attended by over 2,000 individuals.

The conference had female executives across sectors and businesses, in different stages of their careers as well as accomplished female corporate and business executives in all sectors and spheres.

These caliber of people came together and rubbed minds as well as shared insights, and discussed real-life topics on how to remain resilient as a successful career or businesswomen amid the current in our volatile and fast-paced world.

The event also had panel sessions where various topics were discussed including how to handle situations during a mental breakdown, how certain mindsets have helped women navigate through tough times, how to balance operations and profitability, personal secrets to remaining competitive, building a resilient mindset, surviving in a ‘VUCA’ world, the best time to transition to entrepreneurship, managing trans-generational businesses, amongst other topics.

Various distinguished personalities emphasized these values in the persons of Paul Onwuanibe, Group CEO of Landmark Africa Group who gave the keynote address, Bimbo Oloyede, CEO/Lead Consultant at Strictly Speaking; Bola Matel-Okoh, CEO of BMO Advisory Services; Victoria Ekhomu, CEO of Trans-World Security Systems; Tolu Ita, pioneer female pilot at Aero Contractors; and Captain Simon Melchior, CEO of ASSECO Software Nigeria Limited, among others.

Speaking at the conference, Adegbite said the theme was pertinent because a lot had gone wrong around the world, across the country, and in personal lives, which had doubled the challenges faced by women.

She also emphasized that the theme was designed to inspire women to thrive in their respective worlds, even in the face of challenges. She expressed,

  • “We cannot overlook the numerous challenges faced by organizations, businesses, and women in various professions. Despite these discouragements, we need to remind women that they possess untapped potential for greatness.” 

Here are key points some of the speakers at the conference shared:

Women need to develop a resilient mindset 

Adegbite said,

  • “We cannot deny the fact that there have been a lot of challenges even to organizations, businesses, and women in whatever profession they are in. It is therefore important for us to constantly reignite women who carry seeds inside of them that still need to be activated for greatness. 
  • “With seeds, all that is needed is something to activate them, to produce fruits. So, I want to urge women to develop a resilient spirit and maintain a positive mindset. Let that seed in you be activated and let your path to greatness be a step at a time; and one day, your story will be heard,” Adegbite said.
  • “It is important that you learn to get going especially when things are hard. Success in any endeavour is dependent on dreaming and having a staying power.” 

Women entrepreneurs can start small 

Paul Onwuanibe, the Chief Executive Officer of Landmark Africa Group, underscored the importance of women setting their sights on achieving success in his keynote address.

Onwuanibe referred to his life and business growth, also sharing the history of founders of multinational businesses that had their origins as small businesses as he presented eight guiding principles for achieving business success which he encouraged women to take heed to.

Women need to build their brands 

Reassuring entrepreneurs that challenging times are temporary but resilient individuals endure, Matel-Okoh emphasized the importance of concentrating on building a brand that adds value, maintaining consistency, and unwavering commitment.

Private sector to support in helping curb gender violence 

Other speakers at the WIMBIZ conference included Dr Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, the Executive Director of the Women Advocates Research & Documentation Center (WARDC), who called on the private sector to collaborate with civil society and the public sector in the battle against all forms of violence against women.

She described this issue as one that affects women of every background, regardless of class, education, or age. Dr Akiyode-Afolabi also provided an overview of the five gender bills rejected by the National Assembly in March 2022, urging the private sector to support the reintroduction of these bills.

Nigeria to model after Finland, and Denmark as examples of countries prioritizing women’s rights 

Another session featured the Ambassador of Finland to Nigeria and to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

She spoke about Finland being the first country in the world to extend the right to vote and stand for elections to all women and men in 1906.

Finland was also the first country to elect women to Parliament: 19 were elected to the 200-seat Parliament in 1907

The Consult General & Head of Mission, Royal Danish Consulate General, also female, spoke about her country’s history and track record of prioritizing women’s rights and significance in society which has been exemplified in Finland and Denmark having a large percentage portion of women occupying key positions in politics and leadership.

The event’s highlights featured business grants valued at millions of Naira generously provided by Unilever Plc. and the Nigerian Bottling Company, along with the presentation of Female Achievers’ Awards to distinguished individuals, including veteran actress Chief Ibidun V. Allison (aka Amebo), Captain Chinyere Kalu, MFR (the pioneer Nigerian female commercial pilot), Hauwa Danboyi Musa (the pioneer fully licensed female Air Traffic Controller), and the late Christina E. Stallings (a pioneer Nigerian female Air Hostess).



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