Progressive group launches six-figure ad campaign for Supreme Court term limits

The progressive activist group Stand Up America launched a six-figure ad campaign advocating for Supreme Court term limits on the 18th anniversary of Justice Samuel Alito’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Along with spending on a six-figure digital advertising campaign, the group will also launch Wednesday a mobile billboard featuring Justice Clarence Thomas and Alito along with the message “Past Their Shelf Life – Supreme Court Term Limits Now,” according to a press release reviewed by The Hill. 

“No one deserves power for life, and that is why Stand Up America is calling for Supreme Court term limits on the 18th anniversary of Justice Alito’s confirmation,” Stand Up America Executive Director Christina Harvey said in a statement. “49 out of 50 states have either term limits, elections, or age limits for their highest courts. It’s time for Congress to follow suit by creating term limits for the U.S. Supreme Court.” 

The billboard will be in the Capitol Hill area at 8 a.m. EST and will drive near the Supreme Court and other D.C. locations. 

Similar to the billboard messaging, the organization will launch national ads on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook in hopes of engaging grassroots support that would fuel more pressure to pass term limits for justices serving in the nation’s highest court. The organization’s community has sent over 90,000 emails in support of enforcing term limits for Supreme Court justices, according to the group. 

“In the 18 years since Justice Alito was confirmed to the Court, he’s used his position to advance a far-right agenda, from opening the floodgates for unlimited billionaire spending in our elections to overturning decades of precedent protecting the right to abortion care,” Harvey said. “Unapologetically siding with right-wing megadonors and corporations, Alito has chipped away at the bedrock of our democracy and our fundamental freedoms.” 

In 2020, the group launched a campaign to incentivize constituents to demand $4 billion in assistance for the election during the passing of the next coronavirus bill.

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