“Since Yul Edochie is a very bad man leave him and his name nau” – Blessing CEO questions May Edochie

May Edochie is questioned by well-known relationship guru Blessing CEO on her postponed name change after their marriage soured.

Blessing CEO went online to offer her support for the movie actor’s continuing bride price problem. You may remember Yul Edochie confronting his spouse for not removing his name from the marriage and returning the bride fee.

The relationship therapist has questioned May’s decision to keep Yul’s last name since she detests him so much and doesn’t want any contact with him.

Speaking further, Blessing stated that it had been two years from the beginning of their marital issue and that a lady in her circumstances would have promptly renounced her husband’s last name.

Blessing CEO said:

“Yul Edochie is so bad as a man, why are you still under his shadow? Why are you still holding his surname? Because if a man is this bad and this demonic, a woman is not supposed to have anything to do with him now. The first thing a woman does when she divorces her husband or when the man does bad is as wicked as Yul, the first thing to do is to yank off his name, Yank off his surname. That is how they do it. Put your father’s name. It’s been two years now and you are still using Yul Edochie. Come out of his shadow”

Watch her speak below:

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