Still On Abba Kyari, Crime Fighting And The Need To Curtail Disturbing Incidences Of Crime In The Country (7) -By Hajia Hadiza Mohammed

When I began this series, my intention was to write a two-part essay on Abba Kyari highlighting his commendable accomplishments as a super cop and a crime fighter with a view to drawing the attentions of the relevant authorities to the need to free him and reinstate him to continue his job of combating crime in view of the unpalatable security situation in the country now. But I have not been able to stop because of the encouraging responses that I have continued to receive from readers and fans of the incarcerated super cop. The feedback is many and varied ranging from the emotional, the philosophical, and the comical to the serious issues.

One correspondent by name Audu Tanko alleged that Abba Kyari’s incarceration was at the instance of his bosses who felt that the super cop has outshined them. While acknowledged that this person is entitled to his view, I did not agree with him for I know that Abba Kyari had the backing and support of his bosses while in the service. They openly acknowledged his performances and gave him accelerated promotion ahead of his peers because they shared credit of Abba Kyari’s achievements.

One anonymous fan thanked me for the series and explained that it was Abba Kyari that saved his family from the kidnapper’s den. He acknowledged that although nobody is above the law but in this circumstance, the government should allow Kyari’s work speak for him. He stated that politicians who do worse things still get state pardon and so releasing and reinstating Kyari who still has something to offer, to service is in the best interest of our beleaguered nation. Another anonymous respondent alleges that Mr. Kyari’s travail was because he has no political godfather speaking for him. He cited the example of Maina who fled the country to evade trial for fraud and was declared wanted by the anti-graft agencies but was recalled, reinstated and promoted by Mohammadu Buhari.

Another correspondent who gave his name as Jeff opined that Abba Kyari allowed his success to get the better part of him making him off guard which was easy for his traducers to set him up for the “sucker punch”. However, Jeff was optimistic that given the prevailing security situation now in the country, that the government would not have any more choice than to release Abba Kyari and unleashed him on the bandits and the kidnappers.

Still in the same in the same line of thought, Abubakar Ningi from Yola was of the view that Kyari’s undoing was his crave for media attention which exposed him to the limelight of the criminal elements and the envy of his less performing colleagues and facilitated the conspiracy to pull him down. Well, I did not dispute that and at the same time I did not agree completely with Mr. Abubakar Ningi.

Duke Oghenero was more philosophical in his contribution. He stated that for every bad situation, there are those who benefit from it and thus those benefiting from the insecurity befuddling the nation would not want Abba Kyari unleashed on them again. This was also the view of one Daniel Oche who wrote from Makurdi who alleges that the powers behind the insurgency, banditry, kidnapping and Unknown Gun Men are behind Abba Kyari’s ordeal.

A colleague of mine in UK by name Eunice believed that the current regime in Nigeria is using insecurity and fear as instrument of governance otherwise if they are interested in providing security for the citizens, they would consider experts like Abba Kyari and leveraged on his skills and experience. Another Nigeria Diaspora resident, Aloy hinted that if Kyari did not get bail in the next court session, there may be protest. One Dr. Joan Nnana hinted that for government to take the issue of the release of Abba Kyari seriously there may be need to form the Release Abba Kyari Movement. One Grace Igboanu wrote thus: “I do not like what Abba Kyari allegedly did but I agree with you that the first step to curbing insecurity in the country is to assemble committed officers and that is where Mr. Abba will be considered.” And another Diaspora respondent identified as Jimmy commented thus: “Fire on my dear. Don’t stop till Abba Kyari is released!”

Interestingly, I even get a marriage proposal from one Femi Adejugbe from Lagos who told me that he liked my style of writing and that if I am not married that he would like to marry me. Again, one respondent wrote something comical stating that those in position of authority don’t read. And that if I want their attention, I should organize security summit and invite them and then share fat envelop and thereafter there will be result and Abba Kyari would be released.

Clearly, I cannot review or mention all the correspondents in one piece like this. There are thousands of readers and views and over one hundred responses. In the next article, I will also try to highlight some of the feedbacks that I have got. However, the information from the ones I have read is that the people want DCP Abba Kyari released and recalled to his duty with a charge to fight bandits and kidnappers ravaging our dear country. And I hope the authorities are listening. The security of lives is of prime importance. It is the panacea to peace, unity and progress in our country. No country grows when the people are constrained by insecurity. Genuine investors will not invest in regions where there investments are not secure. Security is the key to every human endeavor.

Hajia Hadiza Mohammed
An actress, social activist, politician
London, UK

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