The Surgeon General Of Florida (a Yoruba man named Joseph Ladapo) Is Not Only My Namesake But Shares My Views On The Covid Vaccines -By Joe Dauda

Have you heard of Dr Joseph Ladapo, the Surgeon General of the State of Florida in the United States of America? I won’t say much about him but just quote a statement he recently made. If you want to know what I think about the Covid vaccines, check out my old articles on Opinion Nigeria dot com by searching for Joe Dauda in the search bar. My opinion is essentially the same with this great Nigerian doctor who is making waves in the United States and has risen to such a position as Surgeon General. 

For your information, Doctor Ladapo is part of the factors that protected Floridans from the shenanigans of the New World Order, as pushed by the World Health Organization and as heavily backed by virtually all United States political leaders from the Democratic Party.  In fact, in 2021 when Joe Biden was planning to impose a Covid mandate in the whole of the United States in 2022, it was the Republican State of Florida (no doubt with the active support of Dr Joseph Ladapo) that stopped him. 

And how did they do that?

They sued the Biden administration at the US Supreme Court and forced him to abandon the draconian Covid mandate. Even we here in Nigeria benefited from the activism of Joseph Ladapo and his able Governor, Mr Ron Desantis. The federal government of Nigeria had already threatened to bar civil servants from entering their offices effective from the 1st of November, except they presented a valid Covid vaccine certificate. But when the agenda collapsed at the US Supreme Court, things began to change rapidly around the globe. And I guess the Nigerian government just lost interest in the Covid drama altogether. 

According to Dr Ladapo, the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, would most likely cease to exist when the full truth about the Covid vaccine eventually comes out. Sometime in 2023, I published an article about Pfizer. The bottom line is that Pfizer used an experimental vaccine on little children in Kano State many years ago. This issue became so serious the federal government of Nigeria sued Pfizer. Furthermore, this issue caused many northerners and residents of Kano in particular to be reluctant to participate in the polio vaccine program of the Obasanjo administration and they had to be convinced by public statements made by the Sultan and other respected leaders whom Obasanjo recruited to convince the people. So Pfizer is not new to the dangerous game of sacrificing human lives and Joseph Ladapo’s prognosis concerning Pfizer is spot on. 

Below is his statement:

“I think when the real damage has been totally accounted for, honestly I’m not sure we’re going to even have a Pfizer anymore. I don’t think it’s going to actually look the same way. The harm that has been done by these vaccines . . . This is going to unfortunately go down as a very sad point in history.”

Fortunately, other doctors are also speaking out, although the mainstream media will never broadcast their opinions or bother to interview them — for fear that people will hear reasonable information from them and reject the crazy and insane narratives favourable to the NWO crowd. 

For example, Oncologist and cancer researcher Dr. William Makis is among the growing number of physicians who says he is personally witnessing an increase in turbo cancers among his patients. He believes the vaccines are to blame. According to him:

“No matter how you look at it, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the American public, along with the rest of the world, was misled about this ‘pandemic’ and the vaccine.”

So Joseph Ladapo is a leading light in the fight against globalists. And this is probably why you have not heard about the man. His opinion does not align with that of the powers that be. 

If you think the world and the powers that be are interested in telling you the truth, I hope it is not too late by the time you realize that the Bible means what it says when it says Satan is the ruler of this world — and lying is the main means of communication for Satan and he has taught the small but extremely powerful and evil elite that rule the world on his behalf to lie boldly. Indeed, Satan is the ruler of this world. The only thing is that he is an angel and cannot rule humans directly. For this reason, he works with the powers that be to achieve his aims. We, students of prophecy, have the privilege of knowing the evil plans of these people, not because we are smarter than others, but because we are wise enough to understand that the God Who created this complex world must also be able to foretell the future. So we believe His words, as written in the Bible. And His words are proving true everyday, especially since the Covid drama began. As students of prophecy, things we were told would happen in this world over 20 years ago are now happening — and they are happening in rapid succession. These things are all evil things; but the fact that they are happening according to prophecies we believed by faith many years earlier fills our hearts and minds with hope — hope in our God Who has not left us confused in this turbulent world. I often wonder how confused I would have been if not for the sure anchor of end time prophecies. 

Please beware: most of the things you are being told in the mainstream media are lies. People like Joseph Ladapo are not as popular as they should be exactly because, at least on the issue of Covid, they are telling the truth. But the powers that be are not interested in letting you know the truth. They lie consistently. And I don’t mean stupid lies that would not impress even a child. I’m referring to lies that are 90% true, which makes it more difficult to detect and almost impossible to oppose. These little lies are to prepare you for their end game. That end game is what the Bible states in Revelation 13:8. If it is important to you, find a copy of the Bible and read what is in store for the people of this generation.

No matter how many articles I publish, I always have it at the back of my mind that the road that leads to life is rough and narrow and only a few will choose to walk in it. So the majority will be lost. And I have come to accept that bitter and alarming truth. But if you are in this last generation, apart from the final hell fire — which is the destination of all sinners — be prepared to enjoy the heat and painful sores and see blood coming out of taps during the seven last plagues. Certainly, that is not God’s will for you. If you fear God and resist the beast, you will suffer; if you worship the beast, you will still suffer. But the suffering you will endure for resisting the end time beast has hope in it. Besides, God will provide for you when the beast system says you cannot buy or sell until you receive the mark. But if you receive the mark of the beast for any reason or group of reasons, your eternal doom is sealed and you will not be protected from the seven last plagues. 

So go back to YouTube and search for old videos of all those leaders who supported the Covid vaccines. Based on the facts provided by Dr Joseph Ladapo, just realize that there are only two options: it is either these people were honest and deceived by the powers that be or lacked information, or they are part of the New World Order conspiracy. I know President Donald Trump encouraged Americans to take the vaccine. But I now have privileged information proving that he himself was thoroughly deceived into that — by officials in the medical field like Dr Anthony Fauci. Remember that Pope Francis was fully on board with the vaccine; most so-called Protestant Church leaders were also on board — including leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who, frankly, ought to have known better, based on their knowledge of end time prophecies. In Nigeria (and to be fair to him) the only voice I can remember that was warning against COVID was that of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I remember wondering how the man got to know what he knew about COVID. Forgive my hubris. Remember that virtually every country was on board. Remember that the Presidents that tried to oppose the vaccine have been eliminated. The President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, made fun of the vaccines and was eliminated; now, it is his former Vice President that is the President of Tanzania. The Prime Minister of Haiti would not accept the vaccines and nobody in Haiti took the vaccine for a long time after they were approved. And that was why the man was cruelly murdered (he was butchered like a retailer’s cow) and used to send a message to anyone who dares to oppose the vaccine. Even the President of Madagascar was lucky to have escaped his own assassination, which would have been part of a coup that was foiled by his very alert security agents. But the man immediately stopped talking about Covid Organics (the very effective herbal remedy for Covid) after that coup attempt in Madagascar. 

And it is the same boldface lies they have used to convince the world that we have a climate emergency. Just for the record, they at least have the power to tamper with the weather; so what we are witnessing as climate change is, at least, partly man made. As far back as the Vietnam war, the United States had the technology to interfere with the weather and cause rain and even heavy rains, and it was a strategy they reportedly used to stymie the Vietnamese. 

On the whole, climate change is a scam — and it would prove to be the most important scam in all of human history. 

Why so?

Because, from all indications, the climate change scam is what would be used to impose the mark of the beast. And I have been saying that the mark of the beast has everything to do with Sunday. In case you do not know, the United Nations have been calling for the world to keep a Sabbath day to protect the earth from climate change, and they have been doing this at least as far back as 1990 — that’s over 33 years ago. One thing I can guarantee you is that the sabbath day the UN is interested in is not and can never be the seventh-day Sabbath of the LORD God Almighty. It is the spurious Sunday sabbath. 

When this climate change scam began decades ago, the cofounder of Green Peace — which was the foremost environmental NGO in the world at that time. — refuted the claims of the climate change alarmists, who were lying through their teeth based on cooked up and highly doctored reports by compromised scientists.  Apart from that man, many scientists published letters declaring the climate change crisis a lie. However, like the Surgeon General of Florida (my namesake Dr Joseph Ladapo) the mainstream media staunchly ignored those alternative views on the climate change issue, no matter how highly qualified and objective the scientist were, as long as their reports deferred from the one preferred by the New World Order. So you need to work hard to know the truth about what is going on in the world right now. And you cannot fight these people — no matter who you are — except by the power of God. But God would not even help you fight them because He has already prophesied their victory, at least up to the level of fulfilling Revelation 13:8. As I have been saying, no amount of prayer and fasting will be able to stop the powers that be from being able to command the whole world to worship the beast. Revelation 13:8 must be fulfilled. Only those whose names are written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world would be able to successfully resist and defeat the beast power. 

No human being was able to stand in their way when they rolled out the Covid vaccines. To roll out the vaccines, they needed to make it look like there was no other solution to Covid. Anyone trying to promote an alternative solution to Covid was thus an enemy. This was why, in spite of being the incumbent President of the United States at the time, Trump was kicked off Twitter when he began to say out loud that hydroxychloroquine was effective in the treatment of Covid. Take a moment and remember all the big names that called Trump a fool and a bigot back then. They are all enemies of humanity and in league with the NWO — except for the few of them who were opposing Trump because they themselves had been deceived. But the majority of them saw Trump as a threat to their vaccine plan. And they must have threatened him in ways we cannot know. And they also used his inner circle of trusted advisers to thoroughly deceive him. Before you could say Jack Robinson, Trump completely abandoned any talk about hydroxychloroquine and began to support the vaccine. Poor Trump. That vaccine support of his was the biggest mistake of his presidency, in my view. 

The world is evil and many of the people you trust and are ready to die to defend are concluding plans to kill you and your children in the most diabolical depopulation plan ever to be devised in human history. They boldly told you so on the Georgia Guidestones and then turned around to label as conspiracy theorists, anyone who told you what they themselves boldly announced on those massive stone hedges. 

If you are doubtful about my claim that Sunday has everything to do with the mark of the beast, I will not accuse you of crass ignorance because I understand that this knowledge has been opposed by Satan and it is only by the grace of God that one can understand these things. But I will give you a hint. Last year (or sometime in 2022) I published an article informing my readers of a 10- Point Plan to address the climate crisis by the IAEA. The IAEA is an agency of the United Nations and it means International Atomic Energy Agency. They are the ones that monitor nuclear weapons activities around the world, among other responsibilities they engage in on behalf of the United Nations. To cut the long story short, one of the items of the IAEA’s 10-Point Plan to contain climate change is what they refer to as “Car Free Sundays.” Didn’t I just say that the climate change agenda is connected with the enforcement of the mark of the beast and that the mark of the beast has everything to do with Sunday? Well, it is already happening. If you take the time to find out what the United Nations has said and is saying about a global day of rest, about Sunday, and about a climate sabbath, you will have no option but to begin to wonder why apparently secular diplomats with no interest in religion are obsessed with Sunday and talking as if they are deeply religious people. Hmm. Like I once told my friend, the world is more religious than you think. And some so-called secular people who make you feel apologetic about striving to do the will of God or seek salvation for your soul are neck deep in their own religion of satanism. It is not that Sunday is important to the UN. No. But it is important to their master Satan. Through their so-called Sexuality Education, the UN is providing diplomatic cover for the LGBTQ agenda, just as the Pope is providing moral cover to strengthen the consciences of the participants in defying heaven. And I have sufficient evidence that the UN is led by Satanists. Just to give you something to guide your research, consider the fact that Lucis Trust (established by Alice Bailey) is a very important consultant to the United Nations, especially on the one world issue. But what is Lucis Trust? Well, Lucis Trust used to be Lucifer Trust. And Alice Bailey is a satanist. In your research about the role of Sunday in resolving the climate crisis, use query words such as Green Sunday; Slow Sunday; Car Free Sundays; Climate Sabbath; etc. After that research, you will probably no longer consider me a weirdo for declaring that the mark of the beast has everything to do with Sunday. After understanding that the UN is led by globalists, aka satanists, you will begin to wonder why Sunday is so important to them. 

Again I state: this world is ruled by Satan and that has been the case ever since the fall of man. But the Bible says Satan will up his game in the last days when he realizes that his time is running out. 

Revelation 12:12

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