“12 piercings in total now” – Phyna excited as she acquires new body piercing

  • Reality TV personality Phyna Unusual announced an updated collection of piercings, reaching a dozen.
  • She expressed her excitement about acquiring new piercings using the X platform, stating she now proudly has 12.
  • Phyna has previously had piercings on her nose, earlobes, and belly, but has not disclosed the exact location of her newest piercing.

Phyna Unusual, a reality TV celebrity, happily announces that she has upgraded her collection of piercings to twelve.

She announced that she now proudly has 12 piercings, using the X platform to express her joy over getting new ones.

It’s important to remember that Phyna had nose, earlobes, and belly piercings in the past. She hasn’t yet revealed the precise place of her most recent piercing, though.

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Since then, the post has sparked a flood of reactions on social media, with some people praising her for being current and others finding it strange.

Reacting to the post…

@anthony_ai96073 wrote: “Madam that ur piercings make u ugly , u are more beautiful without piercing.”

@MujidatW reacted: “Phyphy I thought you said you are tired of piercing now . Anyway love you still.”

@Lambert_D_third wrote: “One thing I love about phyna is that she can be a baddie a gangster and a princess.”

@Etherealwarlord quizzed: “Should we be proud of u?”

@hunestlie added: “Did you count the one abortion pierced in your womb?”

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