50 Million Reasons to Cheer! Champions Crowned at iLOTBET’s AFCON Giveaway Extravaganza!

Nigeria might not have lifted the 2023 AFCON trophy, but 358,525 lucky Nigerians are celebrating like champions thanks to iLOTBET’s epic giveaway!  That’s right, these football fanatics predicted the Champion flawlessly, sharing a massive ₦50 million prize pool – talk about foresight and a sprinkle of good luck!


The AFCON may be over, but the excitement at iLOTBET is just getting started! From the group stage’s nail-biting clashes to the heart-stopping knockouts, 1,341,872 passionate fans joined the prediction frenzy, putting their football knowledge to the test. Even if they didn’t claim the ultimate prize, the thrill of the game and the chance to win big kept everyone on the edge of their seats.


So, a huge round of applause to all participants and especially to our newly crowned 358,525 champions! You’ve proven your footballing expertise and walked away with a well-deserved reward.


But wait, the winning streak doesn’t end here! Join the winning team at iLOTBET and unlock a treasure trove of opportunities:


  • Become an instant champion! Register today and claim over ₦100,000 in welcome bonuses. Your journey to online betting glory starts now!
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  • Spread the love and get rewarded! Invite your friends to join the fun and earn ₦2,500 every day they place a bet. The more, the merrier (and richer)!


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