“Doctors are supposed to have an ingrained reason to help people” – Anto Lecky blasts doctors for relocating abroad for money

  • BBN star Anto Lecky is facing criticism for allegedly leaving Nigeria to seek financial gain.
  • In an interview with The 77 percent, a platform for African youth, she emphasized her stance.

Dr. Antoinette Lecky, a.k.a. Anto Lecky, the popular BBN star, is under fire for criticizing doctors who leave Nigeria in search of money.

In an interview with The 77 percent, a platform for African youth, she made her position known. She said that she didn’t feel comfortable talking about the brain drain that is now occurring in Nigeria.

According to Anto, not all foreigners have the perfect lives that are portrayed on social media.

She went on to say that doctors shouldn’t just leave their country in an effort to increase their income; rather, they should be driven by a deep desire to help others.

However, a lot of Internet users disagree with her viewpoint and have criticized her for it.

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Reacting to the post…

@onyebebe noted: “The fact that her parents left Nigeria for a better life, the fact she has a US passport, the fact she schooled in the US, got exposed to good infrastructure but thinks people shouldn’t move to get the same things for themselves and kids is a problem to me too”

@tosin_olaluwoye stated: “I just even remember that some places where I worked as a doctor in Nigeria are still owing me salary after TEN YEARS. A whole decade.
Again, if any doctor let people like this influence them, na you I blame o.”

@Merald__Ayomi wrote: “Antolecky just be using phonetic to talk rubbish lol.”

@Bhheast added: “This sums up the problem with Nigerians, and black people in general.
The inability to think beyond themselves.”

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