Elderly man surprises wife with a bottle of Pepsi wrapped in Ankara clothing as Valentine’s gift

An elderly man who participated in the Valentine’s Day celebrations is shown in a cute video offering to his wife with a bottle of Pepsi wrapped in an Ankara outfit.

A video that has been circulating on social media shows the man giving his wife a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

The man was seen in the video approaching his wife with a bag containing the unexpected gift. There were two vibrant balloons and a Valentine’s Day gift wrapped in a unique Ankara fabric inside the bag.

The woman was overjoyed and filled with appreciation when she opened the gift and discovered a 60cl bottle of Pepsi.

They shared a warm embrace and celebrated, with the wife using her teeth to open the Pepsi bottle cap and then taking turns drinking from it with her husband.

See some reactions below….

Sam Shizlin opined: “I think pepsi company should bless this blessed couples. This is also a brand promotion. If only the love motive of 21st century children can be like this. Pure undiluted love.”

Okeke Solomtochukwu Promise stated: “Best valentine gift ever…
True love is what we share with one another (happiness) not what we get from one another (gifts) Let love lead.”

Meshack Hosea noted: “Best valentine gift indeed, see the smile on her face and the joy.”

Harrison Chinemerem Ananaba said: ‘New generation will even slap you and Break the bottle and content and use it and design your body. Honestly love is genuinely an inner deep feelings of acceptation.”

Watch the video below …

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