“Everyone in Japan is polite, even animals” – Japan-based Nigerian lady shares the moment a Japan deer bow to greet her

  • A Nigerian lady from Japan shares a moment where she greets several deer in Japan and treats them.
  • A video captioned “Everyone in Japan is polite, even the animals” features a lady discussing her experience in the country while approaching a deer.

A Nigerian lady living in Japan draws attention on social media when she shares the video of when many deer bowed to welcome her and she gave them goodies.

A video with the caption, “Everyone in Japan is polite, even the animals” contains this.

The woman was heard talking about her experiences in the country while approaching a deer in the aforementioned video.

The aforementioned deer greeted her by bowing its head as soon as she got close and then raising it again shortly after. She then offered it a treat.

The woman was shown in later parts of the video approaching other deer, who likewise lowered their heads to welcome her.

Being thrilled about this, she went to the media pageto talk about her experience. This move prompted a lot of people on social media to leave comments about their experiences.

Watch video below:

Reacting to the post..

@Empress420tok said: “The deer have their horns shaved that might be a clue.”

@Store 47 wrote: “More manners than English kids.”

@Bibii Jones said: “Asian people can train anything wallai.”

@Blessing. wrote: “the pigeons in this country don’t even move out the way no more.”

@1395zags asked: “How is the deer greeting u like that.”

@H ✪ asked: “Are the deer’s supposed to eat you

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