FCTA and private sector unveil affordable mass transit buses for Abuja residents 

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), in collaboration with the private sector, has rolled out a new fleet of mass transit buses designed to increase the availability of affordable transportation solutions for residents of the FCT. 

During the unveiling of the “TFA 360 Transportation System” in Abuja on Tuesday, Mr Ubokutom Nyah highlighted the FCTA’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for private investments in the public transport sector. 

Mr Nyah, who serves as the Mandate Secretary for the Transportation Secretariat of the FCTA, mentioned that the FCT Minister, Mr Nyesom Wike, is dedicated to reinforcing collaborations with private stakeholders to offer a dependable, economical, safe, and secure mass transit solution within the territory. 

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that 14 high-capacity, air-conditioned buses were launched at the event, with more expected soon. Mr Nyah stated the FCTA seeks further private investment to improve transportation, aiming to provide FCT residents with more reliable, accessible, and affordable options. 

Nyah noted that the introduction of the buses marks the start of an improved transport system aimed at combating the frequent robbery incidents associated with the “one-chance” syndicate in Abuja. 

  •  “The journey to what we are witnessing today, started months ago when the company applied to the Transportation Secretariat for issuance of operator license to enable the buses to operate in the FCT. 
  • “We are happy that our efforts for private sector participation in the transportation sector are yielding results. 
  • “There is another company called Capital Luxury with brand new SUV and SEDAN vehicles. They will soon join TFA in providing affordable, secure, and reliable means of transportation in the territory,” he said. 

More insight 

  • In his remarks, the Managing Director of TFA 360, Dr. Yakubu Terry, hailed the initiative as a transformative journey poised to redefine urban mobility within the capital city of Abuja. 
  • “The vision of TFA is not just to have buses on the roads, but a commitment to building a connected, sustainable, and efficient transportation system that will foster growth and unify all the residents of our capital city,” Terry said. 
  • In addition, Dr. Terry stated that TFA 360 plans to harness technology to enhance its operations and ensure a satisfying commuter experience, starting with the introduction of a digital payment system.  
  • Emphasizing the importance of convenience for passengers, he explained that the company has implemented not just an efficient payment mechanism but also ensured the provision of secure, air-conditioned transport with free Wi-Fi on all vehicles.  

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