“How to manage poverty in Nigeria”- Three Nigerian men buy one tipper of sand, share it 360 shovels each

Since they couldn’t afford to buy a tipper of sand separately, three Nigerian guys made the decision to band together.

The guys allegedly paid more over N30,000 for the sand tipper, which was brought to them and divided amongst them.

According to a video that Kepu Kepu TV uploaded on TikTok, each of them received 360 shovels of sand from the tipper, which means that it held 10,80 shovels.

The owners released the footage, which showed when the tipper delivered the sand.

The video has been met with conflicting responses; some people thought it was a smart decision, while others didn’t.

Reactions when three guys share a single sand tipper

@ifesinachinewking commented: “Good move.”

@astaronlinestores said: “This is new to me. Incredible.”

@Kenneth said: “How much for one trip.”

@sirtony said: “How to manage poverty in Nigeria.”

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