“How Women Rejected Me Due to My Ugly Looks” – Nollywood Actor Uwaezuoke Opens Up

Veteran Nigerian actor Stephen Alajemba, also known as Uwaezuoke, has spoken up about the multiple rejections he received from women in his life because of his physical and facial appearance.

The actor revealed that his mother warned him about being rejected as a newborn due of his unattractive features.

Stephen Alajemba related his experiences, claiming that rejection based on his appearance persisted throughout his adult life, notably in romantic relationships.

According to the seasoned actor, women usually “run away” at the sight of his looks, making it difficult for him to find a love partner until he reached the age of 20.

In the interview, Stephen Alajemba claimed that he promised his mother that he would make her proud, after she expressed unhappiness with him as a youngster, claiming that he did not offer her anything positive.

Despite the obstacles he encountered, the dedicated actor overcame the odds.

The actor, who is now in his fifties, revealed that he ultimately found love and married his first love when he was 23.

He expressed thankfulness that the first person to welcome him remained with him, and he affirmed that his early experiences with rejection did not prevent him from finding pleasure in his personal life.

“Any lady who sees my facial look and stature runs away. Unfortunately before one accepted me I was already 20 to 22 years old. I married at 23. So the first person tasted it and confirmed it and she did not leave me anymore,” Stephen Alajemba said.

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