“Hunger dey wire you, you use your last card go watch ball” – Portable mocks Nigerians celebrating Super Eagles win

The controversial artist Portable has criticised Nigerians for enjoying the Super Eagles’ victory against South Africa in spite of the country’s dire economic situation.

It is no secret that the Super Eagles team’s victory over South Africa yesterday sent them to the championship game, causing the country to explode in celebration.

Portable chastised Nigerians for concentrating on the wrong thing on his Instagram page.

Zazoo claims that people are celebrating the Super Eagles’ victory and that the dollar rate is rising.

He made fun of those who went to watch football with their last bit of cash and were hungry.

“Dollar don high, rate don high, situation no good, Our roads no good. our environment no good. Hungry dey. You dey shout up Nigeria, up wetin? So make e dey rise?” he said in part.

Read some comments:

amusaolabisikafayat said: “Enemy of happiness”

_olabanji44 said: “Ogbeni na you know oo”

emeka_ said: “Must he always be against the grain? 10 bad things no mean say make we no celebrate 1 good thing”

mrs____p1 said: “The only thing that brings us joy and togetherness make we no rejoice 🙄 when a man talks too much here’s the result”

Watch the video below:

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