“I can marry a g@y man” – Actress Seyi Hunter discloses

  • Nollywood actress Seyi Hunters has sparked controversy by revealing her openness to marrying a gay man.
  • Biola Bayo, a Yoruba actress, expressed her willingness to marry a gay man as long as he is transparent about his sexuality during an interview on ‘Talk To B’.

The recent statement by Nollywood actress Seyi Hunters that she would be willing to marry a g@y man has stirred some controversy.

The actress said this in an interview when she talked about how she feels about relationships and marriage.

The young Yoruba actress Biola Bayo disclosed that she would be open to marrying a gay man provided he is open about his sexuality in an interview with Biola Bayo on her show, “Talk To B.”

She noted that the majority of gay men desire children, which is why some of them hide their sexuality and get married without telling their spouse.

Seyi Hunters declared that she can wed such men as long as they are able to produce children through IVF or surrogacy and as long as there is open conversation about it.

In her words:

“Personally I can marry a gay man. There are some men who like men but want to have kids, they want children. So many Nigerian gays are closet gay, some of them marry women, without them knowing they are gay.

Personally, if it’s something we can talk about, I can marry such. We don’t have to have sex, we can use surrogates or IVF”.

Both supporters and detractors of her remarks have reacted differently to her remarks; while some have praised her for being open-minded, others have questioned her position on such a delicate subject.

See some reactions below:

Kyng Gigi Worldwide wrote, “Any woman with this inundated mentality is seeking validation to cheat, she wats a g3y man so she can sleep around with other me without consequences

Mma Obichere wrote, “Madam just say you want to continue hookup in marriage simpleMummy Delish wrote, “Toh! To each his øwn

The Kanyinsola wrote, “Marriage of convenience has always appealed to me.

Every Woman Secret wrote, “Open marriage though for everyone peace of mind. She fit knack who she deemed fit.

Smart Boss wrote, “She’s saying she is open to having an open marriage

Solo Blinkz wrote, “You mean g3y rich man? Abi na that dirty uncle for Mama Nkechi backyard you wan marry?”.

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