“I have evidence” – Young lady seeks for advice, claims her sisters husband wants to sleep with her

  • A young lady living with her sister and husband seeks advice over pressure from her husband to sleep with her.
  • A young lady shared her issues with the popular Instagram community leader, Diaryofanaijagirl.
  • The pressure began during her university years, but she lived away from them, making it less of a significant issue.

A young lady who lives with her sister and her husband asks for advise instead of giving in to the man’s constant push to have sex.

The young lady had shared her issues with well-known Instagram community leader Diaryofanaijagirl in a message.

She claims the pressure began as soon as she entered the university but then she lived away from them so it was not a big problem.

It has been unbearable for her, though, since she moved into their house after graduation.

He wants to have a sexual relationship with her at every possible chance, and even when she refuses to oblige, he persists in pressuring her.

In the event that she complies with his request, he has even promised to financially support her.

She is currently caught in a difficult situation because she doesn’t want her sister’s marriage to fail because of her, but she is also growing weary.

The young lady acknowledges that this isn’t really a viable alternative because she doesn’t have enough money to move out of their house just yet.

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