“I really wanted to win because a Nigerian guy took my girl; now they’ve taken my joy” – Heartbroken South African man

A South African man sobs on social media, telling how a Nigerian man stole his girlfriend and how the Super Eagles of Nigeria had now also robbed him of his happiness.

The individual in question from South Africa, who was not identified, expressed regret over the Super Eagles’ semifinal victory over Bafana Bafana.

He claimed that because a Nigerian guy had stolen his fiancée, he was rooting for his nation to win the Nigerian team.

He said that his country had performed admirably in their match with the super Eagles of Nigeria.

The man lamented that the game had not gone well for him and said that the nation had also stolen his happiness.

He continued by saying that he was left with nothing and that Nigeria now owned the music genre known as “Amapiano.”

“I really wanted to win it because a Nigerian guy took my girl and now he has taken my joy as well. I have nothing left. Amapiano belongs to Nigeria. All the girls belong to Nigeria now,” he said.

Listen to the audio;

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