“If a pastor tries to hold me this way ..I will push you” – Nigerians slams Woli Arole for hugging women during deliverance session

Nigerians criticize media turned pastor Woli Arole for giving ladies hugs during a church deliverance session.

The pastor had only recently put out an Instagram post to advise to address judgmental individuals.

He recently conducted a 24-hour Christian program that included prayers, praise, and worship.

The way he performed the prayers—holding two women tightly in his arms—alarmed a lot of people, though.

See some reactions below….

emperor_josh advised: “Ahhh Jesu! Brother you have yo be very careful o. I think you should pray for a contactless anointing, such that when you speak alone the spirit of God will be felt and you dont necessarily need to make contact. This is not too good, you holding a woman this way?”

dgianni70 reacted: “From comedy pastor to real pastor… deh play my fans 😂😂😂😂”

the_pearlsorganicskincare asked: “why hugging a woman like that tho, omo if na abroad them fit charge u for sexual assault”

theakpevwe_ stated: “If a pastor tries to hold me this way… I will push you!!!!”

bankyhunter commented: “Who ordained you @officialarole just curious, under which prophet did you receive your mantle ..”

fabisco_j opined: “It’s not wisdom for a man of God to hug a woman who is not your wife so tightly. Even if God gives you instructions, pray for wisdom.”

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