Influencer Tenders Heart Apology for Trying to Frame Peruzzi of Having an Affair with Davido’s Wife Chioma

An X influencer has issued a public apology for forging a tweet claiming to be the prominent artist Peruzzi, alleging an affair with the wife of Grammy nominee Chioma Adeleke.

A social media user known as @belikebaddy had used the microblogging site X to create a bogus message in Peruzzi’s name, accusing him and Davido’s wife.

The influencer, posing as a former DMW Records star, said that he cheated with Chioma Adeleke and Davido abandoned him because of that.

He went on to say that he was responsible for all of Davido’s successful songs and that he wouldn’t have had them otherwise.

In an initial tweet, he wrote;

“We used to be so close, but because you hear say I Dey pipe your wife you start to give me attitude I don leave your circle sha. Ungrateful Nigga like say if I no write your songs, you for blow.”

The public apology, however, followed about 24 hours later supposedly after being reached out to by the legal teams of Peruzzi.

“I apologize for posting an edited tweet which involves Peruzzi and Davido. I take full responsibility for all my actions and I promise it will never happen again. My apologies to DMW management,” he wrote in a new post.

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