“It’s interesting that ‘Love Nwantiti’ has no award in Nigeria” – Ckay

Chukwuka Ekweani, popularly known as CKay, has expressed his surprise that his successful song “Love Nwantiti” has not received an award in Nigeria.

In a recent interview on The Afrobeats Podcast, the musician expressed his worries about accolades in general since he believes there is too much involved.

He stated that he has witnessed several situations where good music, both locally and globally, went ignored.

He questioned what the award organizers’ true intentions are and what constitutes a good song worthy of recognition.

Ckay found it strange that, despite being certified six times platinum, his hit song “Love Nwantiti” had not garnered a single award in Nigeria.

The singer further stated that a large number of individuals had illegally downloaded and sampled his intellectual property all around the world, resulting in massive effects and streams.

Because his songs are ultimately acts of devotion to humanity, he believes that the love his listeners provide him is the highest recompense.

He doesn’t care if he is nominated for an award, or if he wins it.


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