“It’s so unsolicited and annoying” – Danielle Edochie, Yul Edochie’s daughter discloses the one thing she hates

  • Danielle, daughter of Nollywood actor and gospel minister Yul Edochie, has disclosed her deep-seated concerns about people.
  • Danielle, who recently changed her last name on Instagram, expressed her dislike for people offering her advice without her consent.
  • She expressed her dissatisfaction with the unsolicited and annoying advice she received from others.

The Nollywood actress and gospel minister Yul Edochie’s daughter Danielle has opened up about the things that bother her so much about people.

Recently changing her last name on the Instagram, Danielle shared on her Instagram story that she detests people trying to give her advise for which she hasn’t asked.

She said it’s quite rude and unsolicited when someone asks for advice, and she wondered whether she had done so.

Her words: “One thing I hate is when people try to give me advice I didn’t ask for. Like?? Did I tell you I needed advice. It’s so unsolicited and annoying.”

She may be referring to her father, Yul Edochie, and stepmother, Judy Austin, according to some internet users.

Reacting to the post…

@I.tobiloba reacted: “She’s referring to Pastor Edoche locked in Judi’s chinap bottle”

@sidiraofficial noted: “For this family it seem everybody has some level of drama”

@trica_blinkz said: “Very unsolicited my dear”

@ezinne.zee asked: “Are you indirectly referring to your stepmother”

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