“It’s very hard to find a guy in Nigeria who doesn’t smoke” – Lady reveals

  • A beautiful lady in Nigeria claims it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find a responsible man who doesn’t smoke heavily.
  • In a TikTok video, the woman, @simplebae01, expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation.

The adorable lady says it’s difficult to find a respectable Nigerian man who doesn’t smoke a lot these days.

In the video that she posted to her @simplebae01 TikTok page, the ladyacknowledges that she doesn’t find it unpleasant.

Her discomfort stems from the excessive smoking habits of many guys.

According to her opinion, the majority of these males are unable to function without smoking, needing it before meals, right after waking up, and without any interruptions.

She suggested that instead of smoking, they should engage in other constructive hobbies as continuing to smoke would have a detrimental effect on them as parents.

See some reactions below….

@NO USER FOUND⚠️ said: “U nor Dey talk about girls these days na who na smoke pass these days”

@UNBELIEVABLE ODG 🎼🎧☠️💭🖤 🕊 stated: “The pressure is too much you won’t understand it!”

@kelly1c3 opined: “We way no de smoke no reach 5 for Nigeria”

@chw_sebbie added: “They’ll tell you “it’s a plant”. Sweetie cocaine is gotten from a plant too🤷🏽‍♀️You have an addiction, seek help 🤦🏽‍♀️”

@princetheophiluz noted: “You’re around the wrong people my dear… All the men around me, including myself don’t smoke. Change your environment and your friends”

@justkamala claimed: “I don’t smoke cigarettes i only smoke Loud …Loud is good for your health”

@bhadboi_oml reacted: “I no even hear wetin she Dey talk.. I wan smoke first ”

Watch video:

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