Jamaican woman sparks reactions online as she takes daughter to school on bicycle wearing high heels

  • A Jamaican woman has gained attention on social media for taking her daughter to school on a bicycle while wearing high heels.
  • The video shows a woman riding a bicycle with her daughter on the back, while she sits at the front.
  • The daughter is securing her bag, helmet, and food box on a bicycle, while the woman is wearing high heels.

A devoted Jamaican mother has gained recognition on social media media as she takes her daughter to school on a bicycle while wearing high heels.

The woman can be seen riding a bicycle in the video, sitting at the front while her daughter is carefully positioned on the back.

The food box, helmet, and bag of the daughter are all skilfully secured to the bicycle. If you look closely, you can see that the woman is wearing high heels.

Soon after, as the light turns green, the woman keeps riding her bike.

Numerous social media users have expressed their opinions in the comments section in response to this unexpected scene of a mother and her daughter riding a bicycle.

Watch video below:

Reacting to the post…

@Mind Body Forum | MathLish asked: “what county is this this is a great mother this sould go viral.”

@Brokenkid-A1 said: “this woman need a car all the big influencers need fi do them thing she well well deserve the help.”

@Candice.20 wrote: “Bless her with a car dear Lord 🫶🏽🙏 big uh self Shelly.”

2Fancy Skater said: “Women nowadays have to do what they have to do to survive. Boss lady.”

@ShugaBabii7♈️🇯🇲 wrote: “I used to work with her n trust me she really is a joy to be around.”

@Rasta Capricorn wrote: “I saw her in person and it gave me goose bumps. She is a phenomenal woman with the strength of a lion.”

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