Jose Peseiro reveals what he wants before next move

Jose Peseiro is current contract with the Super Eagles wil expire at the end of February. The Portuguese gaffer has revealed what he wants before deciding on his next move.

The man who guided Nigeria to a silver-medal finish at the recently concluded 2023 Africa Cup of Nations tournament in a chat with GOAL shed light on why he has refrained from responding to offers received.

It is no secret that Peseiro has been received numerous offers, yet none have materialized into concrete agreements.

Jose Peseiro confirmed that he has received as many as 7 offers from both clubs and national teams, but he has yet to make a decision because of one reason, rest.

“I have instructed everyone to touch base again at the end of the month. What is clear is my desire to continue coaching, and I must choose wisely,” Peseiro remarked.

“At present, all options are on the table. I have received numerous offers and inquiries from national teams and clubs alike.

“I would estimate about 5, 6, or 7,” he mentioned, refraining from disclosing their identities.

“I have informed them all that I need some time to rest. Once my contract expires, I will engage in discussions and begin considering other projects to decide my future. For now, I require a period of relaxation and tranquility.

“Nevertheless, I am open to considering the proposals and projects presented to me. I will evaluate whether they align with my preferences,” Jose Peseiro concluded.

Meanwgile, Nigeria is expected to submit a new contract to Jose Peseiro. Despite the not-too harmonious relationsship between the coach and the Nigeria football authorities, the teams silver-medal finish at the last AFCON was considered ‘good enough’ to earn a new contract.

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