Kanayo O Kanayo visits Pete Edochie in his Enugu residence, shares fun moments together, video trends

  • Kanayo O Kanayo visited his colleague Pete Edochie’s Enugu home, where they enjoyed some enjoyable moments together.
  • Kanayo O Kanayo was seen in a recent Instagram video walking through Pete Edochie’s residence, greeted with joy by his colleague.

Renowned actor Kanayo O Kanayo recently visited his colleague Pete Edochie at his Enugu residence, where they had some good times.

A recent Instagram video showed Kanayo O. Kanayo approaching his coworker while strolling inside Pete Edochie’s home with a smile on his face. When Pete Edochie saw Kanayo, his eyes glowed with excitement.

The two men sealed the deal with a firm handshake after exchanging a series of backhand claps, a customary sign of respect and kinship that alluded to their shared Igbo heritage.

Actor Linc Edochie, who happens to be Pete’s son, stood out in the middle of it all by bowing politely to Kanayo and extending a heartfelt welcome.

In his post, Kanayo mentioned that he had some delectable fish and pepper soup at Pete’s residence.

He appreciated Pete for the thoughtful gesture and thanked Linc Edochie for his unwavering respect.

Kanayo posted the video and wrote,

“Stopped over at Ebubedike Chief edochie’s Enugu Home for delicious fish pepper soup. Thank you Sir for having me. @lincedochie thanks for the respect always”

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