Lady who posted a video of Veekee James ‘twerking’ has been removed from Twitter business group

  • Twitter user who discovered an old video of Veekee James twerking has been removed from a Twitter business community.
  • Aunty Akanke shared an old video of Veekee James twerking aggressively before she became born-again.
  • The video went viral, attracting the attention of many, including the community leadership of the lady.

The individual on Twitter who discovered old video of fashion designer Veekee James twerking has been removed from a Twitter business community.

Remember how Aunty Akanke, a woman, posted an old video of Veekee James twerking aggressively before she was born again.

Numerous people were drawn to the video after it went viral, including the lady’s community’s leadership.

The company’s community guidelines were broken, leading to the staff members’ termination, as revealed by a public service announcement published by the community.

The community claims that the woman was sacked for violating the company’s policies and procedures by acting in a way that was deemed to be cyberbullying.

They wrote on Twitter,

“We take community guidelines seriously. Earlier today, we removed a vendor (Aunty Akanke) who posted a non-business video that displayed someone in a bad light, and can be regarded as bullying. This violated our commitment to providing a professional environment for customers and vendors. The PBD number signifies trust and professionalism. We cannot tolerate its misuse, as it reflects on the entire community. We remain dedicated to supporting vendors who actively engage and follow the rules. We apologize for any confusion caused by our earlier statement. Reasons for expulsion are carefully stated in the reply below.

“Reasons for expulsion:

– Posting a non-business related video: The video did not align with the community’s focus on business and she used her PBD number in the username, potentially linking it to personal matters.
Bullying: The content of the video was deemed as bullying, violating community rules.
– Disregarding community rules and values: This is implied by her not participating in training or actively engaging with the community despite receiving an invite.

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