“Make una sha no knack head on top tile” – Reactions as Little girl bemoans as she sees her parents playing under rain

  • A young girl expresses her disconnection from her parents as she shares a video of them playing in the rain at home.
  • A young girl created a video featuring her parents playing happily under the rain as children.
  • She expressed disappointment that they didn’t pay her attention, as they were enjoying each other’s company.

A young child shares a video of her parents playing in the rain at their house, feeling left out.

The young child filmed her parents playing outside in the rain as if they were kids.

She was disappointed that they weren’t paying her any attention because they were too busy having a great time together.

While the rain continued to pour, her parents could be seen furiously using a hose to spray each other with water.

But another scene captured the instant her parents invited her to join in on their enjoyment.

Reacting to the post….

@vickyranky06 said: “My frnd hold camera well jare what do you know abt playing in the rain”

iam_nekkyb wrote: “Hot tea after this rain”

@officialaamblessed penned: “Keep hand well make we observe this yansh”

@omalishan said: “This life isn’t for those living with a wizard landlord”

@behappy85_adeyemi commented: “Always marry your friends as wife or as husband don’t put money first in relationships but a hardworking husband too be or hardworking wife too be .. still on the matter”

@josh_jaystar said: “Werey Ur mama do yansh”

@iam_dapearl noted: “love is sweet but when money enter is sweeter, Make una sha no knack head on top tiles make una brain no reset”

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