“Make wetin go chop us no see us” – Video of realtor bitten by a ‘big snake’ during land inspection goes viral

A video circulating on social media shows how a realtor was bitten by a large snake during a site inspection.

While some people believe that working as a realtor is enjoyable and simple, a video circulating online shows what they actually go through behind the scenes.

In the video, a realtor and his coworkers are seen inspecting land in a bushes-filled setting.

During the attempt to investigate the land, a large snake bites one of the realtors, resulting in full pandemonium in the surroundings.

While some of them rescued the affected realtor and transported him from the site to the nearest hospital for treatment, others were spotted trying to kill the big snake to prevent future occurrences.

The video was accompanied by the caption; “This is what we go through to get good properties to you.”

The caption also reads; “The victim is receiving attention already.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

dexywane: He won’t die that looks like a python ,just severe pain , e never bite me before oo … na just too much Nat Geo wild 😂😂.

tee_blings: It’s a python, take antibiotics and you’ll be fine.

tenovertenautos: Did they tie any ligature around the gotten area? Cos that’s meant to be the first thing 😢😢😢.

ladyque_1: As we step out to look for wetin we go chop, make wetin go chop us no see us.

tenovertenautos: Land inspection you wore reflective jacket (which isn’t necessary here), wore helmet which isn’t even needed cos it’s not a construction site but you ended up not wearing rain boots? 😢😢…

pearlesther2: I’m realtor and I know how thick does bush are, I do pray in my mind anytime I go inspection, I pray the lord guide n protect us all realtors 😫🙏.

thefoodnetworknig2: They should remove his shirt and tie it immediately, not carry him like he fainted… this is so scary! Boots are so so essential for this type of job o

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