“Most good women don’t know how to dress” — Apostle Okose claims

According to Apostle Emmanuel Okose, one of the reasons many excellent ladies marry late is that they don’t know how to dress properly.

The prominent God-fearing guy further remarked that this is why many men marry the wrong ladies.

He remarked that even if they have strong attributes, their dress sense is typically bad.

On the other hand, not-so-good ladies understand how to dress sexily and put a lot of time and thought into their looks.

The apostle indicated that males pursue women because they are attracted to their physical appearances.

Good women are also hesitant to put themselves out there due to their reserved demeanor, whereas bad women are more outgoing.

He acknowledges that, while many people disagree with him, it is in the nature of men to be drawn to showy things.

He closed the video by encouraging excellent women to strike a balance.

Watch the video here.

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