“Most of the women I’ve been with are older than me” – Khaid discloses

  • Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, known as Khaid, a 19-year-old singer, has revealed that he primarily dates women older than himself.
  • The musician shared this during a recent episode of the Spill with Phyna podcast.
  • The “Anabella” singer revealed that most of the women he’s been with are older and don’t seem to care about his younger age.

Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, better known by his stage as Khaid, is a fast-rising 19-year-old singer who opens up about dating mostly older women.

The musician made this observation while appearing on a new episode Spill with Phyna podcast.

The singer of “Anabella” revealed that the majority of the ladies he had dated were older, and their indifference to his younger age never truly worried them.

“Most of the females I’ve been with are older than me and they don’t really have an issue with it,” Khaid said.

Khaid pointed out that contrary to public perception, older women are more “experienced and respectful,” and that according to common belief, they are typically not bossy.

He insisted that cheating in a partnership is unacceptable.

“If a lady cheats on me, the relationship is over,” he said.

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