“Nigeria is better than US and Dubai”- Nigerian Man Explains

A Nigerian guy, @travelandlifestyle.1, has claimed that Nigeria is superior to the United States and Dubai.

@travelandlifestyle.1 made the comment in favor of a man who ranked Nigeria higher than the United Kingdom.

In a TikTok video, @travelandlifestyle.1 responded to netizens who criticized the guy for ranking Nigeria higher than the United Kingdom, claiming that only people who had been overseas would understand better.

“Nigeria is one of the places to make easy money,” he stated and gave a scenario of the requirements to set up a business in Dubai.

@travelandlifestyle.While it is simple to establish a sachet water company in Nigeria, doing so in Dubai requires obtaining a license, which costs more than N2 million, as well as having a proper shop with CCTVs and other necessities.

While acknowledging that it is simpler to establish a business in Nigeria, he said that the same cannot be true for the United States or Dubai, where the government has done everything for its citizens.

In his words: “Abroad is a place where the government has done everything for the people. There is no new opportunities.”

Interestingly, Nigeria outperformed France and the United Kingdom after its jobless rate was ranked third best in the world.

People respond to the Nigeria-Europe connection.

VICTOR said: “Nigeria is better than USA and your in car making video enjoying your life na God go punish that boy.”

@may27 GEMINI said: “His right the problem Nigeria has is bad leadership Nigeria is the best place in the world I always told people but they don’t believe.”
holar-Wale said: “Mumu man come back home.”

Nana Adjoa said: “So what is stopping him from coming home, talk talk like this but when u to vacation u don’t stay for 2 months, stop the advice no one will take it , unless the person didn’t get visa.”

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