Nigerian lady shows off her massive baby bump as she welcomes twin

  • A Nigerian woman has shared her experience of welcoming a pair of twins online.
  • A mother, @ade_se_wa3, surprised many viewers by revealing her large baby bump in a TikTok post.
  • Her fans expressed anxiety due to the large size of her baby bump.

A Nigerian woman whowelcomestwins has taken to the internet to share her story.

When a mother showed off her large baby bump in a TikTok post by @ade_se_wa3, many viewers were shocked.

Her fans expressed their concern about the size of the baby bump due to its size.

In fact, others claimed the mother ought to have gotten a massive present because she persevered through the pregnancy for nine months.

Reacting to the post….

@Olajide Mayowa Meyeyin remarked: “Mama twins. You still dey do shakara with this your heavy load, congratulations dearly I’m happy for you.”

@CINDY said: “You try ooo. You no fear. See me dey fear. Congratulations.”

@morenikeji719 said: “Congratulations. I also want twins but the stomach de fear me.”

@KOLEX commented: “Congratulations to me, my wife just gave birth to triplets.”

@oluwa-bukolami remarked: “I can’t be the only one that got scared when I saw the stomach. Congrats mama.”

@That lipgloss girl said: “You deserve a push present.”

@2donSlimani said: “I no sure say I go live with my wife if she get belle…..e dey fear me as I dey see am like say e go burst.”

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