Peruzzi set to sue influencer over fake scandalous tweet involving him and Chioma

Peruzzi, a Nigerian artist, has vowed to sue a social media influencer who sparked outrage online with a bogus tweet accusing him in a scandal involving his record label boss, Davido, and Davido’s wife, Chioma.

The scandal began when a Twitter user, @belikebaddy, posted a faked message apparently from Peruzzi’s account, implying that Davido had broken up with him owing to an alleged affair with Chioma.

Peruzzi quickly distanced himself from the fake tweet, claiming it was completely untrue and manufactured.

In reaction to the doctored tweet, Peruzzi warned @belikebaddy about the legal ramifications of providing false information.

@belikebaddy then issued a public apology and accepted responsibility for the bogus post.

“I apologize for posting an edited tweet which involved @peruzzi and @davido. I take full responsibility for all my actions have caused, and I promise it’ll never happen again. My apologies to DMW Management,” he wrote.

Peruzzi, on the other hand, was adamant about taking legal action.

Peruzzi expressed his commitment to take legal action and urged his followers to support the cause by generating awareness and finances for the court fight.

The singer wrote:

“Y’all retweet this, so he can have money for court. God forgives, I do too. But not this time. F**k that.”

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