Putin killed my husband and must be held responsible – Navalny’s wife, Yulia

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s wife, Yulia, has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be held accountable and brought to justice if the news of her husband’s death is true,  must be brought to justice.

She said Putin and his allies “should be held personally responsible for all the atrocities they have committed in Russia”.

According to BBC, Yulia Navalnaya also called on the international community to “unite and defeat this evil”.

Alexei Navalny was serving a lengthy prison term when he was announced dead on Friday.

The Russian prison authorities said on Friday that the Kremlin critic had become unwell following a walk and had lost consciousness at the Siberian “Polar Wolf” penal colony.

In an unscheduled address at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Yulia Navalnaya said she didn’t know “whether to believe or not this terrible news that we’re only receiving from government sources”.

“You all know that we cannot trust the Putin government. They lie constantly,” she told an audience of dignitaries.

In a defiant and emotional speech, she said that if it was true, she wanted “Putin and everyone around him, his friends and the government, to know that they will be held accountable for what they did to our country, to my family and my husband,” adding: “And that day will come soon.”

She was given a standing ovation after the speech she made to demand justice for her husband.

Last night, US President Joe Biden also said his Russian counterpart, Putin, was behind Navalny’s death.

Vanguard recalls that Russian police detained more than 100 people who dropped out at memorials for Navalny.

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