“Real definition of don’t judge a book by it cover”- Man Shows off Luxury Interior of Ghetto Apartment With Wooden Door

A young man’s residence has brought to light the common adage that one should not judge a book by its cover.

A guy posted a TikTok video from the compound of an uncemented house, showing a wooden door.

Opening the wooden door revealed a young man, most likely a gamer, with three systems.

The camera moved around to reveal the well furnished room. A flatscreen placed on the wall over a TV stand. The television had a tape light surrounding it. The interior of the mansion astounded many people.

As of this post, the footage shared by @fianko43 has 1.7 million views.

People react to the fine apartment

Yrn Rich said: “This is the real definition of don’t judge a book by it cover.”

Amoney said: “Efcc will never believe this.”

Abena Real Padmore said: “If you change the door p3 the landlord will know you have money and then he will increase the rent.”

D.K ADRAH said: “Herh this be serious. if womam enter she will not like to go home again.”

Belinda Selasi said: “U see the reason why some of we lady’s don’t want to go back home whenever we come to visit, we sleep like never before.”

Mbakum_Lahadi_Samira said: “If my man’s room looks like this we are having a serious discussion what is this? I will get a bad headache if I sit here for 15min.”

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