“That’s a genuine father” – Reactions as Nigerian dad repaints his daughter’s peeling bag

A Nigerian father has stirred some controversy online by repainting his daughter’s peeling bag, which made her happy.

In a video that a lady who appeared to be his daughter posted, it was seen that the dad bought the black bag for her.

He decided to repaint the bag himself after noting that it started to peel, turning it into a special and customized item for his beloved child.

In the video, one could see the man meticulously painting the bag to recreate its original pattern while adding his own creative flair.

He was shown holding a paintbrush and painting the bag back to its original black hue, all in an attempt to give his daughter a more appealing purse.

Some reactions are shown below:

nny_re2023 said, “Best dad ever ❤️I’ll make him proud 🤞✌️”.

blessingactive said, “Bless him❤,he loves his daughter and will do anything to make her happy”.

adelakuntufayl said, “That’s a genuine father out there. Bless him!”

rosythrone said, “Lol i find this video so sweet to watch😅”.

Watch Video:

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