UK-based Nigerian gay activist excited as mum accepts him as a gay man

  • Dan Yomi, a UK-based Nigerian LGBTQ activist, expressed joy after his mother accepted him as a gay man.
  • Yomi disclosed that his mother’s relationship has been strained for five years since he came out as gay.
  • He urged parents of gay kids to do better by accepting them as they are.

Nigerian LGBTQ activist Dan Yomi, who is currently residing in the UK, has expressed happiness over receiving a call from his mother confirming that she has accepted him for the gay man he is.

Yomi said that after coming out as gay five years ago, his relationship with his mother has been strained.

He urged parents of LGBT children to embrace their children for who they are and to do better.

In October 2018, Yomi, a former youth pastor, came out as gay.

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