‘UK Government allocated over £300million to enhance security in Nigeria’- UK Official 

The UK Government allocated over 300 million pounds to support programs and peacekeeping efforts in Africa throughout 2023, aimed at enhancing security and fostering stability.  

Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe, UK Minister of State, Cabinet Office, revealed this during her visit to Nigeria to strengthen UK-Nigeria partnership and underscore the UK’s commitment to regional security. 

NewsTimes learns that the funding, sourced from the UK Government’s Conflict, Stability, and Security Fund (CSSF), has benefited both African nations and the UK.

The minister’s visit aimed to assess firsthand the impact of this funding in Nigeria and to observe how both countries are jointly addressing security challenges in West Africa, particularly cyber threats. 

What the Minister said 

The Minister said, 

  • The United Kingdom and Nigeria are firm security and economic partners. I am proud that, through the CSSF, the UK has been able to play such a valuable role in bolstering Nigeria’s security. 
  • “Investment in Nigeria and the broader region has been instrumental in tackling some important challenges, from drug smuggling to cybercrime and human displacement. 
  • “These challenges are transnational, so by supporting our partners in Nigeria and West Africa we are also helping to safeguard people in the UK. 
  • “Closer collaboration is vital in ensuring we can respond to threats and to promote a free, open, peaceful and secure cyberspace, which is why the UK and Nigeria recently committed to working more closely together to tackle cybercrime”. 

Neville-Rolfe underscored Nigeria’s significance as Africa’s largest economy, emphasizing its critical role in regional stability, which also impacts the UK.

She reiterated the UK’s commitment to enhancing the current partnership with Nigeria to tackle mutual challenges in the coming years. 

Dr Richard Montgomery, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, echoed these sentiments, expressing contentment with the strengthening UK-Nigeria partnership, especially regarding security and stability.

He assured continued UK support, affirming collaboration with the Nigerian Government to address domestic and regional security concerns effectively. 

  • The UK’s Conflict, Security, and Stability Fund offers practical assistance that is making a real difference in Nigeria, from tackling human traffickers to supporting the resettlement of people fleeing violent groups in the northeast of the country. 
  • “The UK is proud to stand with Nigeria as a close partner in these endeavours. 
  • “We look forward to developing our partnership further, working together to tackle mutual challenges including cyber threats, serious organised crime, and violent extremism,” Montgomery said. 

How the UK has supported Nigeria’s security system 

The minister’s visit follows recent UK-Nigeria Security and Defence Partnership talks, focusing on cybersecurity, defence cooperation, counter-terrorism, human rights, and civil-military cooperation.

Over £15 million has been invested in strengthening Nigeria’s security, leading to the detection and seizure of over 3 tonnes of illegal drugs, benefiting both Nigerian and British nationals. 

Additionally, UK funding in North-Eastern Nigeria has supported over 500 people displaced by violent groups, aiding in their resettlement and providing various forms of support.

Collaboration extends to stabilizing communities in the Lake Chad Basin, with over 11 million people affected by conflict.

The UK’s investment also aims to enhance resilience against cybercrime, with initiatives like the Africa Joint Operations Against Cybercrime, resulting in the arrest of suspected cyber criminals and the identification of suspicious cyber networks. 

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